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The Charity of Thomas Amphlett (Charity No: 212077) Farthinghoe Almshouses


The original foundation of the Charity goes back to 1830 when Reverend Francis Litchfield agreed with Thomas Amphlett to set aside land in Farthinghoe for the building of three almshouses.  The houses were built in 1837. Extensive refurbishment to the three almshouses was completed in 2008.  These and future improvements will enable the trustees of the Charity to house present and future residents to a high

standard. Trustees would not have been able to carry out such work without the pivotal grants and donations the

Charity has received from South Northamptonshire Council, The Parish Council, The Oliver Borthwick Trust and

private donors.  Trustees are also indebted to The Almshouse Association for their support and advice.  If you

would like any further information, or would like to make a donation, please contact:


Mrs Jenny Forbes
Manor House
NN13 5NT

Telephone: 01295 711942




All three Almshouses are currently occupied.


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