If you would like to make contact with Farthinghoe Parish Council then you may send an e-Mail to the relevant address below: 

Chairman - Mick Morris - chairman@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Planning - Mick Morris - planning@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org


Vice Chairman - James Harrison - james@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Clerk - Dave Weston clerk@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Traffic - John Grant - traffic@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Councillor - Henry Bankes-Jones - henry@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org 

Councillor - 

Councillor - Trevor Jarvis - trevor@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Councillor - Barry Willett - barry@farthinghoeparihcouncil.org


The Farthinghoe Chronicle - chronicle@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org

Almshouses - almshouses@farthinghoeparishcouncil.org





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